Introducing Pipeline with Dave Gerhardt

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This is a podcast episode titled, Introducing Pipeline with Dave Gerhardt. The summary for this episode is: <p>Sales and marketing leaders, we get it. You're busier than ever, and your job is getting harder and harder. That's why we're launching Pipeline, a weekly podcast hosted by Dave Gerhardt. Tune in every Monday for no-fluff conversations with CROs, CMOs, and other leaders across B2B sales and marketing.</p>

Dave Gerhardt: I know that people listening, they want the meat, they don't just want to hear that Lauren has a team of 75 people. They want to know, okay, but what's the breakdown of the 75 people? Who reports to who? What are the teams? How many people are on the content team? What is product marketing? How do they focus? This is for the people that are in the weeds, doing the work, thinking about the strategy, executing, like we're going to get all of those questions asked. My name is Dave Gerhardt, I am the Chief Brand Officer at Drift, and I'm also host of this podcast. The name of the show is called Pipeline. This idea actually came from a friend of mine. We can shout him out, Tom Wentworth. He's a COO at a company called Recorded Future. And he's like, nobody is talking about the intersection. And he like drew this Venn diagram and it's like the CRO and the CMO and there's a Venn diagram. He's like, you should talk about that overlap. And I was like, holy shit, that is exactly the idea. We don't just need to talk to marketing. We don't just need to talk to sales. Let's talk to them both. Business is not that hard on the surface. It gets hard when you have teams and people and alignment. And so I think so much of that comes down to sales and marketing actually being on the same page. And I think having them on together will give us the opportunity to actually give people tactical and specific things versus just like, yeah, I have coffee with the CRO every two weeks and that's how we do it. It drives me nuts when you listen to a podcast and the host asks the guests a question and they're like, yep, next question. Like I want to have a conversation. And so at the end of the day, every CEO that I know, that I work with, they kind of care about one thing when it comes to the sales and marketing teams, and that is delivering on revenue. You can't have revenue if you don't have pipeline. And this is going to be the podcast that you can listen to, to get smarter about figuring out how to deliver pipeline across sales and marketing. And we'll see where this show goes together. So check it out. The first episode launches October 4th. It'll be there in your feed everywhere you get your podcasts, October 4th.


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The first episode drops 10/4.